April 2007

This was too simple, so why wasn’t I aware of that? concurrency and time is the same thing … or at least you cannot have one without the other, logic!
I’m currently in a “back to basic” phase … but I don’t have enough time: how can I manage to implement stream, while reading the meta-circular evaluator chapter, and also having a “normal” life? time and concurrency …


In last point of one of this previous post I was remembering (to me!) the need to know the roots of computer science. Since then, I read (began to…) some interesting articles on wikipedia: history of CS, the pioners, the list of Turing award winners … wikipedia is really time consuming!

Curiously, it’s more difficult to find a good list of modern computer scientists (or programmers, as they prefer). I like the post Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think. Any other recommendation?

Even it the 8-queens puzzle is often used to illustrate the recursivity principle, I never tried to solve it myself. I only wrote my N-queens solution recently (using Erlang), and was pretty happy to see that list-comprehension is quite good for the principle of generate-and-filter. Oh! and I tried the ESDL library to display the result 🙂 … I was just as excited as the day I did my first openGL tutorial in C.

I remember my first steps of Prolog, I was following an exercise to define positive integer as a recursion of the same function … I did not really known why I did that, but it was fun to define the integers (the funniest Prolog exercise is still to write a Prolog interpretor in Prolog). Today I’m reading SICP and I just found in Ex2.6 that the recursive integer definition is the basic of lambda calculus: Church’ numerals! Definitively, I have to learn this lambda calculus. At least I have now a better understanding of it (thanks also to this post) and I wrote the addition and multiplication operators in Erlang.

Forgot to mention: grinderl now use sinan as build system (makefiles are still around but should disappear as soon as the tests will be handle by sinan). Hopefully sinan will help to deals with dependencies and release handling.

Btw I continue to follow the development of the CEAN repository …