• Softskills blog post on Thinking Parallel : I try my best to be open-minded … but I would have never read this book before to read this post: I just don’t like the title “How to win friends & influence people”. But after the blog post, I realized it’s a nice book I can read to learn about “how to behave as a good developer in a good team”. Why am I so not understanding and stopped at the title!? stupid me!
  • Tags efficienty at Amazon vs. LibraryThing : before to read this article, I almost forgot that users of a system don’t care to give input to this system! We, as users, only have one objective to target, and system should be transparent. UX Design rules.
  • Regular expression can be simple and fast :What!? This time I almost forgot that from all the good software applications around the world, there is probably very few which come from a long scientific study of the subject, with design comparisons and efficiency implementation tests! Most of them come from an idea, quickly throw one day as a piece of code, and evolving as the project mature. I should never forget again: enough is enough! (still, regular expressions with automata is a basic of computer science: don’t forget the basics!)