I’ve been writing here some ideas or development status.

But looks like my readers are more oriented towards code examples or solutions … so I’ll try to be more pragmatic in future.

Anyway my code is better than my English (at least I hope so!) so that should improve quality of this blog 😉



Was “playing” with keyboard map and layout recently in my Ubuntu 7.10 and realized that mobile phone dedicated to SMS or email have a keyboard’s layout following the PC QWERTY keyboard (e.g. Nokia E61i).

Is there any phone with a Dvorak layout? Shall we assume that phone user already know the PC keyboard and do not want to learn another one?

But could we assume that the size change imply a new learning of the keyboard usage, and this is good time to change the layout for a more appropriate one?

Is this all nonsense?

This was too simple, so why wasn’t I aware of that? concurrency and time is the same thing … or at least you cannot have one without the other, logic!
I’m currently in a “back to basic” phase … but I don’t have enough time: how can I manage to implement stream, while reading the meta-circular evaluator chapter, and also having a “normal” life? time and concurrency …

I used GReader since few months now, it works pretty well … it’s maybe too good: now I would like to read my email in GMail with the same presentation as GReader! (i.e. don’t hide the other emails when I click on one, but only expand the text of the selected email).

I know about some tools to do the opposite (send email from feeds) like the excellent RSSFwd. So after the question “what’s the difference betweens a forum and a blog?”, here comes “what’s the differences between a feed and a (thread of) emails?”. Can I say that every email is a feed (with one post), to which I can participate (the thread of emails becoming a feed with more than one post).

Some days I really have stupid blog post, and I’m happy to not have to read my blog 🙂

Have you ever row in a quadruple scull’s? in a 20 paddlers dragon boat? Efficiency is not a matter of individual strength, it’s mostly a matter of synchronization!
And for that, team have to be organized … why? to follow a common objective! that’s the definition of a team. That’s why hierarchical organization had been so successful: it obliged a single base! But it’s maybe not optimal …
Look at open source projects, really, look at that (CK, thanks for the link)!

Warning: this is a bad post!

Applauding’s time during meeting … clap clap clap … today (again) made me think to the sound of the steps of the “stupid mule” following the man who gives it the heavy duty! worst, the mule often carry the rewarding food it will got!

That’s not that I don’t ike to applaud: I do think dedicate work and recognize good work is really better than the work itself! But please, don’t ask me to applaud … I will do it by myself!

Yeah, I’m a bit sad/angry … and I like to write in this mood … and I LOVE/NEED blues music, my liberty universe!

Note: I’m sorry for those strong animals (mules), they’re good!, I just needed a metaphor to express myself.

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