Quick news about ocamerl:

  • I changed the build system to ocamlbuild (need ocaml 3.10).
  • … and that’s all! can’t find time to clean all the mess.

So anyway, here is the current state of ocamerl:

  • ocaml can register a hidden erlang node (epmd).
  • ocaml node can respond to ping and keep connection up with erlang node (net_kernel process)
  • erlang can send (some) terms to named ocaml process
  • ocaml can send (some) terms to erlang process if it received the pid in a previous message

That’s all for now! Argh!

Amongst things I’d like to change:

  • simplify terms manipulation in ocaml
  • add features (most important initial message from ocaml to erlang)
  • complete redesign of concurrency (using events or JoCaml maybe!)
  • add a minimum of documentation

I need motivation! In fact I have no project which would need ocaml + erlang … for now.