Managed to have some time to play with ocamerl: ocaml node is now able to receive data from erlang node, and also send data to pid on connected nodes.

I begin to understand what I’m doing, so that I will be able to clean the code and refactor some parts very soon.

As example, an ocaml process which multiply integer by 2! wow! What’ an interesting example!

bash> cd trunk/lib/ocamerl
bash> ./ex/node_double >/dev/null 2>&1 &
bash> erl -setcookie cookie  -sname erl
erl@devhost 1> net_adm:ping(ocaml@devhost).
erl@devhost 2> {bytwo, ocaml@devhost} ! {self(), 8}.
erl@devhost 3>  receive I -> io:format("Got: ~w~n", [I]) after 0 -> ko end.
Got: 16

Note: the ping was optional and the answer seems correct: 8 * 2 = 16!