I’m probably missing something in Erlang/OTP installation from sources … my goal is to install multiple version of OTP in user space.

Here is one way to do it:

  1. remove any symlink if needed
    rm /home/khigia/local/lib/erlang
  2. apply the “normal” quick install steps for the new OTP version, let say otp-R11B5
    cd /home/khigia/apps/otp-src-R11B5; ./configure --prefix=/home/khigia/local ; make; make install
  3. modify the install to be version specific
    mv /home/khigia/local/lib/erlang /home/khigia/local/lib/otp-R11B5
    ln -s /home/khigia/local/lib/otp-R11B5 /home/khigia/local/lib/erlang

Changing the symlink enable to switch Erlang/OTP version. There must be an easiest way … how?