(hoping my favorite guitarist don’t mind that I borrow one of his title)

Some (mostly subjective) comments after few days playing around Erlang:

  • The good: I have never before implemented a server (relatively efficient TCP proxy) so quickly. Asynchronous call are as easy as synchronous ones and network is invisible! that’s good! physician can wrote as many differential equation as they need, synchronous model are a strong hypothesis of the world!
  • The bad: syntax! I was used to Prolog notation, but Erlang introduce too many meaning for punctuation while newline or indentation has no meaning at all! Anybody interested in Pyerlang (a syntax translator python-inspired)?
  • The chubby: my next blog will be about transformation of a simple Erlang server to a (nearly) complete OTP application. Yes, OTP is a good framework, but learning it is far to be as easy as learning Erlang!